I am glad you are interested in reading “Hitch-hiking in the Axis of Evil – By thumb through Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan”! The book is consciously aimed at providing evidence of the hospitality I experienced while hitch-hiking across the Islamic World, during the first stage of my on going round the world hitchhiking expedition.
In those lands nicked “the Axis of Evil” by George W. Bush, where mass media only predicates terrorism and violence, I would stumble day by day upon the most genuine and touching samples of human kindness. These pages are a vehicle of understanding, a call for empathy and an attempt to recover the kaleidoscopic diversity of one of the world’s most stunning regions.

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Hitchhiking in the Axis of Evil – By thumb in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan (EPUB)


Author: Juan Pablo Villarino

264 pages. Black & white photographs + 6 maps

Book format: EPUB

ISBN: 978-987-29731-2-4

Price: USD 10.00


Thank you so much! By getting this book your are helping Laura and me to continue documenting the unsung hospitality of the most remote regions of our planet.

Notice for publishers: while the Spanish edition has already sold 8,000 copies, I am actively looking for publishers in the US and UK to bring my message to a wider audience. Queries at info@juanvillarino.com

Can you read Spanish? Then you could also read “Caminos Invisibles -36.000 km a dedo de Antártida a las Guyanas”, my newest book. Get it from my (Spanish language) online shop!

Brief synopsis

On May 1st, 2005 Juan Villarino, an Argentinean hitch-hiker, hitches a ride in a sailboat from Belfast harbor to Scotland, with his steps bound for Middle East. Borrowing a snail’s strategy, he carries all he needs in a backpack, and stretches his thumb along both dusty roads and highways. He possesses no credit car or bullet proof jacket. His goal: to cross the heart of the Islamic World solely by hitchhiking, in an attempt to prove that hospitality sprawls in a region portrayed as terrorist by the establishment media. Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan… As he moves across the vast globe Juan lives deliciously absurd events. He enters Iraq at night like a homeless, but ends up teaching hitchhiking lessons in the Kurdish Parliament. In Teheran he sojourns with the Intellectual resistance against Iran’s Ayatollahs regime. He crosses Afghanistan village by village, having tea in a minefield, becoming a postman for a day, and dropping by a NATO base to fill up his backpack with foodstuff. While he travels, his pen frames those average people who sweat and work under any flag but never (ever) inhabit the headlines. The outcome is the book you hold in your hands: an ode to movement and a precise chronicle about one of the less travelled zones on Earth. Today, Juan keeps hitchhiking the world and writing books by the roadside.


Para recibir en tu casa nuestro libro “Caminos Invisibles – 36.000 km a dedo de Antártida a las Guayanas” sólo nos tenés que mandar un mensaje desde nuestra Tienda Virtual. ¡El libro espera a todas las almas nómadas que necesitan un empujón para salir a recorrer el mundo con la mochila! Los enviamos por correo a todo el mundo, y nos ayudan a seguir viajando. Agradecemos de corazón cada consulta

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Acerca del Autor

Juan Pablo Villarino

Desde el 1 de mayo de 2005 recorro el mundo como mochilero para documentar la hospitalidad y la vida cotidiana de los destinos más insólitos a través de mis crónicas. Escribo libros de viaJe para contribuir a la revolución nómada.

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